Contract 2023: Unity Delivers

UNITY/UFT has been the backbone of our union for over sixty years. We NEVER stop fighting and advocating for every member and title in our union. This latest tentative agreement demonstrates that fact – from salary increases and bonuses to more teacher autonomy; from remote learning to improved elementary school program guidelines; from changes in bereavement policies to a contractual requirement for clean air and water – this agreement has it all. And, perhaps most importantly, NO GIVEBACKS!

Economics – Annual raises of 3%, 3%, 3%, 3.25% and 3.5% and a ratification bonus of $3,000.

  • Top salary for the most experienced teachers will be $151,271 (including the bonus) by the end of the proposed contract. That salary is currently $128,314. The starting salary for new teachers will be $72,349 (including the bonus) by the end of the proposed agreement, up from $61,070.
  • The proposed contract also cuts in half — from 15 to eight years — the length of time for most teachers to reach a salary of $100,000
  • Annual bonuses: $400 on 5/5/24; $700 on 5/1/25; $1,000 on 5/1/26 and $1,035 on 5/1/27. This annual bonus will then be paid yearly on May 1 to all UFT-represented employees and increases with collective bargaining raises.
  • Most teachers will receive approximately $3,000 in retroactive pay.

Workday – Educators will have more autonomy to decide when and how to do out-of-classroom meaningful work that helps their students. The 155 minutes of extended time will be distributed differently than the current model:

  • 60 minutes of PD on Mondays
  • 40 minutes for Other Professional Work
  • 55 minutes for parent engagement that can be done remotely

Elementary School Programs – Elementary school teachers will now have contractual language that allows, when administratively possible, teacher programs to include no more than three consecutive teaching assignments and no more than four consecutive working assignments.

Remote Learning – School virtual learning will expand with teachers in one location and students in a variety of locations – home, schools, sites – and an assortment of classes will be offered after school and on weekends. Any teacher may apply to work in this program – it is completely voluntary.

Health and Safety – For the first time ever, as per language in this tentative MOA, the DOE will have to provide us with clean water and clean air!! The DOE will also have sufficient masks, gloves and hand sanitizer available for all staff.

Additional Items:

  • The DOE will provide the UFT with the same read-only access to H-Bank and Cybershift.
  • The DOE will now be obligated to provide staff with access to electronic devices, printers, copiers, ink and toner to the extent necessary based on their assignments.
  • All or part of a bereavement leave can be taken within three months of a death if the delay is in connection with a funeral or a memorial service that is scheduled later.
  • Schools will now have a special education committee to look at special education compliance issues.

There is so much more but these are just a few of the many gains UNITY/UFT fought for and won for our members, along with ZERO givebacks. ZERO. You know it must be a good contract when the NY Post bashes it.

UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew called this a true group effort. ““. . . remember that all of us together are the union; because we stuck together in our negotiations – from our 500 person negotiating committee to coordinated organized actions by our members – we kept the pressure on the mayor and DOE – this is what gave us our power . . . our strength to stand up and fight for what we know is right. This is a contract we deserve and one that we can ALL be proud of.”