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Under the experienced leadership of President Michael Mulgrew and his slate of UFT officers and delegates, has at its core one simple goal—ensuring that our members are safe, valued and respected.

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Michael Mulgrew


Karen Alford

VP for Elementary Schools

LeRoy Barr


Working for You

UNITY/UFT is laser-focused on the issues that matter to you. During the COVID-19 pandemic, those issues have evolved in ways no one could have predicted. Despite a constantly shifting landscape, UNITY/UFT has met the challenges head-on.

Fighting for the compensation and paid time off UFT members deserve
Committed to keeping UFT members healthy and safe
Investing in our UFT retiree chapter

Amid the fiscal uncertainty of the pandemic, UNITY/UFT secured hard won financial benefits for UFT members:

  • No layoffs of school personnel throughout the pandemic
  • Ensured that the City paid the lump sum owed to UFT members
  • Ensured that the City paid the 3% contractual raise owed to UFT members
  • A spring break arbitration decision in the UFT’s favor that grants one one vacation day (something we never had before) for each of the seven days we were required to work during spring recess 2020

Over the course of the pandemic UNITY/UFT protected the health and safety of UFT members:

  • A citywide vaccination program with priority for UFT members
  • Access to at-home rapid test kits
  • Physician-approved safety protocols
  • PCR testing in the schools
  • Paid time off for booster shots and vaccinating children
  • School safety inspections and distribution of PPE at every school
  • Upgrades to school ventilation systems
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols

UNITY/UFT honors our Union’s strong, decades-long commitment to members of the UFT Retirees Chapter:

  • Wellness check-ins conducted by phone with retiree members throughout the pandemic
  • Providing social services to counsel and care for retiree members and their families, including those impacted by COVID
  • Preserving and enhancing retiree benefits
  • A new healthcare option with safeguards to protect against skyrocketing costs
  • An expedition claims process and increased reimbursements for SHIP
  • Three new UFT Welfare Fund benefit enhancements
    • Increased optical plan reimbursements
    • Increased reimbursement for hearing aids
    • Increased retiree optional rider reimbursements

Five steps to make your vote count

1 On the front cover of your ballot, put an "X" in the Unity box.
2 Tear off front page and place in secret ballot envelope.
3 Place secret ballot envelope in the return envelope.
4 Complete all verifying information on front of return envelope.
5 Mail the return envelope to American Arbitration Association.

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