Doing the work without the drama!

We have said it before and we will say it again – we sincerely believe in working together in UNITY. We do not look at this pandemic as a means of dividing our membership. We don’t criticize opposition, take cheap shots at people, engage in histrionic behaviors or try to undermine others. No grandstanding. No yelling at the top of the bleachers. No drama or theatre of the absurd. No spreading of misinformation. We speak to facts and facts only.

Driving false narratives during these challenging times to score political points is not leadership. Rather, it is simply a way for others to try advancing their own anti – UNITY political interests. Having little to no regard for possible long-term implications and sowing confusion does not benefit the membership. This type of behavior only strengthens the resolve of those whose goal is to see our Union, and the entire labor movement, go up in flames.

This type of behavior is the opposite of UNITY. In fact, it is nothing short of the truest example of anarchy. UNITY/UFT has as its core belief the importance of coming together in pursuit of common goals. We stand as one, united in purpose for the benefit of all UFT members. As UNITY/UFT President Michael Mulgrew once said, “. . . we are 200,000 members strong . . . and that strength will only last so long as we continue to stand together. It is the only way for us to succeed in this climate.”

UNITY/UFT – Doing the work without the drama!