Covering all the bases

For over 60 years UNITY/UFT has proudly been the majority voice of our union. Whether the concern be safety and health or economics, we never stop fighting for our members. When the fight is about politics or working conditions, we continue to advocate for the betterment of our schools and students. No matter what the issue, UNITY/UFT is always at the forefront, leading the charge.


Next year we hope to have, at a minimum, 90% of our students back for in person instruction. And UNITY/UFT will fight to make sure that, when it does resume, such instruction is well planned, based upon both science and fact. Doing it any other way is a disservice to all of our school communities.


Because UNITY/UFT took the lead in negotiations, our members will receive a 3% raise in a few days. This is the final raise in our current contract, and we will soon start forming our negotiation committees again for our next round of bargaining.

Additionally, this July members will receive the 12.5 % lump sum payment that Mayor DeBlasio tried to take away from us, a payment that UNITY/UFT fought for and won.


Toward the goal of a successful resumption of school next year, the union has proposed a five point plan with the following components:

  1. A team of academic intervention specialists and mental health professionals in each school.
  2. Reduced class size
  3. Free CTLE-granting webinars to members offering strategies to help assess students and respond to those suffering
  4. from stress or trauma.
  5. Extra support for HS seniors in college and career planning.
  6. Increased in-person instruction during this year’s summer school.


UNITY/UFT is working to elect a mayor who supports public education.

This is the reason we endorsed Scott Stringer, an ally who has stood with us through every battle we have faced. As President Mulgrew said, “Scott Stringer is the right candidate to support public schools and the children who go there.” We do not want four years of wanna be Bloombergs.”

UNITY/UFT president Michael Mulgrew stated that “. . . it is about always doing the absolute best for our members in any and all ways, in every facet possible . . . that’s our job and something we will always continue to do.”